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Workshops / Seminars / Skill Development Programs

Workshops / Seminars / Skill Development Programs

Year Date From-To Name of the workshop/ seminar Number of Participants
2020-21 23th July 2020 Adaptability with Covid 19 41
2020-21 11th-12th Aug 2020 PG Orientation Programme 18
2020-21 18th August 2020 Guest Speaker on the topic “WHAT AFTER BDS?- A Career Guidance Programe For All Interns” 64
2020-21 19th October 2020 Guest Speaker on the topic “COMBATTING COVID-19 IN DENTISTRY-The Way Forward” conducted Live Webinar 115
2020-21 1st February 2021 CDE programme on “Cortico-Basal Implantology” 95
2020-21 2nd February 2021 First Clinical Faculty Meet on “Augmenting And Preserving The Zone of Attachment Case Series” 60
2020-21 5th March 2021 Guest Lecture on “CBCT- Understanding the third dimension in Maxillo-facial imaging” 100
2020-21 31st March, 2021 Second Clinical Faculty Meet on “Role of Radiological and Histopathological Features in Management of Unicystic Ameloblastoma: A report of 3 cases” 28
2020-21 31st May, 2021 Live Webinar on “Amalgamate Brief Tobacco Intervention in Dental Care: Be A Game Changer” 142
2020-21 9th June 2021 “Anti-Ragging Workshop” 180
2020-21 15th June, 2021 Live webinar on "REPLACING MAXILLARY CENTRAL INCISORS WITH IMPLANTS - Challenges, Processes & Outcomes" 92
2020-21 21st June 2021 International day of Yoga theme for “Yoga for well being”. 60
2020-21 25th June, 2021 Live webinar on "How to be the Big Bull of Laser Dentistry" 196

IQAC Academic Calendar 2021-22

Internal Quality Assurance Cell Academic Activity Calendar

For the Academic Year July-2021-June-2022

S.No. Proposed Schedule Date Department Name
1 Oral Hygiene Week’ 1st August 2021 Dept. of Periodontics
2 Independence Day 15th August 2021 College Campus
3 First IQAC Meeting 27th August 2021 Dr. Jiwanasha Agrawal
4 National ‘Sports Day’ 30th August 2021 Dr. Chetan Patil
5 ‘Teacher’s Day’ 5th September 2021 Dept. of Conservative Dentistry
6 Celebration of ‘N.S.S. Day’ 24th September 2021 Dr. Samruddhi Metha
7 Academic Committee Meeting September 2021 Dr. Manish Agarwal
8 ‘Geriatric Day’ 1st October 2021 Dept. of Prosthodontics
9 Celebration of ‘Gandhi Jayanti’ 2nd October 2021 Dept. of Oral Medicine & Radiology
10 Research Review Committee (Meeting First) October 1st Week Dr. Uma Datar
11 Scientific Society Meeting October 2021 Dr. Lalita Nanjannawar
12 ‘Children’s Day’ 14th November 2021 Dept. of Pedodontics
13 ‘World Diabetes Day’ 14th November 2021 Dept. of Periodontology
14 ‘Communal Harmony Day’ 15th to 20th November 2021 Dept. of Community Dentistry
15 ‘World AIDS Day’ 1st December 2021 Dept. of Oral Pathology
16 Oral Hygiene Awareness Drive on the Occasion of Hon’ble Dr. Patangrao Kadam Birth Day 8th January 2022 Dept. of Orthodontics
Dept. of Conservative
Dept. of Pedodontics
17 “National Youth Day” 12th January 2022 College Campus
18 Celebration of ‘Republic Day’ 26th January 2022 College Campus
19 Research Review Committee
Meeting (Meeting Second)
February 1st Week 2022 Dr. Uma Datar
20 Celebration of ‘World Cancer Day’ 4th February 2022 Dept. of Oral Surgery
21 Annual College ‘Fresher’s Day’ As per the situation -
22 Annual Day & Sports Day As per the situation To form the Committee
23 Second IQAC Meeting November, 2021 Dr. Jiwanasha Agrawal
24 ‘National Oral Pathologist Day’ 25th February 2022 Dept. of Oral Pathology
25 Celebration of ‘Dentist Day’ 5th March 2022 Dept. of Orthodontics
26 ‘World Women’s Day’ 8th March 2022 Dept. of Physiology
Dept. of Biochemistry
Dept. of Microbiology
27 ‘World Forestry Day’ 21st March 2022 Dept. of Community Dentistry
28 Celebration of ‘World Health Day’ 7th April 2022 Dept. of Oral Pathology
29 Research Review Committee
(Meeting Third)
May 1st Week 2022 Dr. Uma Datar
30 Third IQAC Meeting February, 2022 Dr. Jiwanasha Agrawal
31 Fourth IQAC Meeting May, 2022 Dr. Jiwanasha Agrawal
32 Celebration of ‘World No Tobacco Day’ 31st May 2022 Dept. of Public Health Dentistry
33 Celebration of ‘World Environment Day’ 5th June 2022 Dept. of Oral Medicine & Radiology
34 ‘International Yoga Day’ 21st June 2022 College Campus

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